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Kashmir is full of specialties which have been carred on by generations for their necessity accrding to the climate and sutability.

Pheran is a popular garment make of pur wool worn by men, women and children during the hars Winter. Womenfolk generally wear on with embroidery work. Embroidered Pherans are popular among tourists.

Another famous creation of Kashmir is the portable brazier, Kangri a  fire pot which is usually held under the Pherans. Kangris are available as decoration pieces also.

Kahwa a sweet herbal drink flavoured by saffron and almonds is an all season household drink served with a crispy 'Sheermal' 'Kulcha' or a 'Bakerkhani'.

Kahwa is preferrede as a welcome drink on most accasions. Kahwa and Kashmiri salt tea is served in 'samawar' a large sized copped kettle having a tube in the middle for burning charcoal. No fuction is complete in the absence of Samawar.

Kashmir has some of the best bakeries and confectioneryies in the country. In Srinagar the are modern bakeries righ from Dalgate to Resideny Road and Lal Chowk.


Worlds Famous Saffron of Kashmir is produced in the fields of Pampor 11 km from Srinagar . It is said that 75000 flower make a pound of saffron, thus its price is quite high. Saffron is used as a spice for adding delicate aroma, pleasing flovour and beautiful natural color to food, ice creams and shakes too.



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